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Text-In / Response Program

24/7 LEAD CAPTURE Never miss a lead, we are open when you are closed…

Connect / Auto Buy Back Program

TRADE-IN / POSITIVE EQUITY We target vehicle owners who have owned their vehicles three to five years, which have positive trade equity. So, when you receive a trade-in customer from us, you will know you will be making a quality trade. The owners have paid off up to 30% – 50% of the original loan on their vehicle.

Connect / Credit Recovery Program

CREDIT CHALLENGED TARGETING Above and beyond our Essentials Program and before sending personalized emails, direct mail, and displaying social media branding, we immediately CONNECT with them with a live phone call (live dial primer) introducing the program and how we can help them get pre-qualified to purchase a new or used vehicle at your dealership.

What is CONNECT?

IN ADDITION TO OUR STANDARD PROGRAMS, CONNECT STARTS THE BALL ROLLING WITH IMMEDIATE LIVE OUTBOUND CALLS… Before sending personalized emails, direct mail, and displaying social media branding, we immediately CONNECT with live phone calls (live dial primers) introducing the program.

Automotive Dealership Marketing Solutions

What if your dealership could exceed sales goals by selling 20-25 more autos every month?

Online-2-Offline Marketing (O2O) is the turn-key marketing solution that will deliver qualified buyers straight to your showroom. With an optimal mix of live dial primer phone calls, digital and traditional marketing techniques, we have the tools to drive quality traffic directly to your dealership.

Our Connect / Auto Buy Back Program focuses on Prime Equity customers who are looking to trade and customers who have trouble with paying a down payment, while the Connect / Credit Recovery Program focuses on the Credit Challenged customer. We are ready to share our success with your dealership.

We do the ONE thing that always generates results –
we make LIVE PHONE CALLS, with REAL HUMANS to drive customers within your DMA right into your showroom.

Get real BUYERS
                 in the showroom
      in 48 HOURS…

If Radius does not meet the terms of the Performance Guarantee, Radius agrees to continue advertising at NO cost to Partnering Dealer until the agreement terms are satisfied or Radius agrees to provide a FULL Refund – ask your Radius Account Manager for details and copy of Performance Guarantee.


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