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Perfect Buyer Targeting

FIND the BEST neighborhoods in your DMA – we use our proprietary Approved Buyer Model based on in-house data analytics from 30,000 sold sub-prime customers in the Radius CRM. You get the best response rates, and the people that can qualify for financing, but don’t know it yet. These are buyers that aren’t shopping and you can “get done” with your banks right now.

600% Return On Investment

  • Total Leads: 100 - 150
  • UPs: 45 - 60
  • Appointments: 60 - 90 Avg.
  • Gross Per Sale: $2,500

Buyer Profile

  • Credit Score: 520 - 650
  • No Open BK / Repos
  • Consistent Income
  • Homeowner: 70%
  • Avg. Household Income: $67k


Social Media Branding

Immediately we turn on our social efforts across all platforms in your market. We’re in their Facebook feeds and getting re-tweeted on Twitter, all targeted based on our proprietary buyer profiles. By getting in front of your customers BEFORE they get the offer, it builds brand awareness and credibility.

Social / Mobile / Display:

  • Facebook Ads featuring “Buyer Testimonial Videos”
  • Instagram
  • Google Display Ads
  • Twitter


Video & Search Marketing

Next, we turn on our Search Marketing Ads to further drive conversions and backup the credit message. When customers search terms like “bad credit car loan” in your market, your credit message will be right there. This covers all screens and continues to build brand awareness while your mail is hitting homes.

Building Credibility:

  • Google Adwords / Video Ads
  • Optimized Analytics
  • Simple & Effective Message


Direct Mail Offer

The CRP Credit Mailer looks like a legitimate offer from a bank. This mail offer has the same consistent look and feel as our Social Media Branding and Google Search Marketing from weeks one and two. Having this credibility and trust will make customers BELIEVE in this offer, respond, then ultimately purchase from your dealership.

Radius Credit Mail: Live Credit Avatar List, 8.5" x 14" Full Color Flier and NO Gifts / Gimmicks.


Second Chance
Remarketing & Personalized Postcards

Throughout your campaign, our Business Development Center representatives will set appointments for all responses. In fact, we’ll continue to call all of your leads for a full 365 days! The second chance personalized postcard reinforces that this is a limited time offer.

  • Personalized Postcards
  • eMails
  • Text Messages
  • BDC “Live Calls”


In-House BDC

Our BDC reps are the best in the auto business, they are highly trained and right here in the Radius office. Via LIVE PHONE CALLS, we qualify every buyer before setting appointments. If there is no answer, we immediately follow up with a TEXT MESSAGE!


  • Appointment Setting Ratio: 64%
  • LIVE PHONE CALLS to New Leads Within 5 Minutes
  • TEXT MESSAGE Follow Up
  • Fully Staffed with 70% Bi-lingual Reps
  • Open 7 Days Each Week and 362 Days a Year


Radius CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

We confirm all interest with always-on lead capture through phone, web and social media. You have a direct line of communication with the fully staffed Radius BDC so every buyer is worked 110%. This saves you time and frustration so you can focus on closing more sales.

  • Credit Program Branded Website
  • Credit Program Branded IVR Phone lines
  • Web Applications through Facebook / Email
  • Confirm Interest with Buying Questions for Every Customer

How we Execute with your Team

Each morning you’ll have 3 – 5 qualified appointments waiting in your inbox. All you have to do is greet each buyer at the door or let one of your sales reps close the deal.
Yes – it really is that simple.

Ordering Process

  • Choose program budget
  • Sign your Agreement with in-home dates
  • Lock-In your territory
  • Approve customized credit letter

Program Timeline:

  • Social Media Branding
  • Video & Search Marketing
  • Direct Mail Offer
  • Remarketing & Personalized Postcards

Appointment Set:

  • You will receive email notifications for new appointments
  • Greet each buyer and close the deal!

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If Radius does not meet the terms of the Performance Guarantee, Radius agrees to continue advertising at NO cost to Partnering Dealer until the agreement terms are satisfied or Radius agrees to provide a FULL Refund – ask your Radius Account Manager for details and copy of Performance Guarantee.

We have been a client for 23 months now and the Radius Marketing Program has been instrumental in Crown Mitsubishi achieving the Chairman’s Cup for most increase in sales in the United States for fiscal year 2014.

Jim Carroll – Crown Mitsubishi

I sold 27 cars our first drop – I would recommend the Essentials program to anyone who needs to increase sales within 30 days.

Robert Plaza – Davis Gainsville Kia

We have been using Radius for a few months now. Everything has been going exactly as promised. Shortly after signing up, people started showing up at the dealership, stips in hand ready to buy. I recommend using Radius.

Zack Hansen – Modern Classic Motors

This market doesn’t get good returns from mailers, but I tried it with Radius because of the social media aspect. It worked – $47,000 profit in March. We had even better results the third month running and have been a customer ever since.

Chris Allender – Southern Chevrolet

Radius does a great job for us. Their Business Development Center stays in touch with all the customers, sets our appointments, gets everything structured and ready. Our sales rep is awesome. We have delivered a lot of cars, made a lot of money and had a lot of fun!

Jan Jackson – Community Chevrolet

I work at a dealership in western Pennsylvania and the program from Radius Marketing Group works. We get a steady stream of prospective client that fall within the desired credit scores. We get a great response and have a large amount of sales that close with this program. If you are looking to supplement your dealership with subprime leads then this company is the way to go!

Chad S. – Northpointe Automotive

We have been using Radius for months, they send customers ready to buy with all their paperwork in hand. We keep using them because the ROI makes sense. We sell lots of cars and so will you!

Adrian Williams – Red River Ford Lincoln

The product and services that I receive from Radius Marketing Group has been a service that has over exceeded its expectations. It has taken the man power out of my daily work and has given me more time to execute loans and produce more deliveries every month. For 3 or 4 years now, I have had a terrific relationship with Jeremy Rettig and Radius Marketing Group. I have plans to expand to other markets in the near future.

Steve Cervin – Sellers Buick GMC

We have been using Radius for 7 months and we continue to use Radius, they have helped us generate more business in our used and new car departments.

David Cantu – Roger Beasley Mitsubishi South

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